September 15’th I had the pleasure of playing during the “Knock Off” session on ABC Hobart with Kevin Cooneyon bass guitar and Konrad Park on drums. Click below for the video link – Facebook Live – that ABC Hobart shared. I am playing one of my funkier tunes called Catch Ya.


August 29th I released my first single More Than Blood and Bone on Bandcamp. Please click the link below to hear and or purchase the full track recorded and mixed by Al Future.  It has a familiar sound and touches on the love that you can have for someone regardless of colour or blood ties. This particular song is about my Mother who happened to adopt me but I never say she is my adoptive mother, she is just Mum.


More Than Blood and Bone by Crystal Sky

This is a sample of my upcoming single that I will be releasing 29th of August on Bandcamp this year. I wrote it it about my Mother and for my Mother. A song about loving someone more than blood and bone. Something I have felt my whole life since being adopted as a baby.

This music video is of one of my songs called “We Belong” professionally filmed by Christian Palencia at Kid Sleepless Productions and recorded by Al Future in Austins Ferry, Hobart.

I love the intimacy of the recording and the way it has captured my true sound and even at times you can hear the movement of my earrings.

It is a song I wrote for and performed at Harmony Day held in Hobart, 2017.

In late, 2016 I released my debut EP called – Crystal Sky Two Worlds at The Duke, Hobart.  It was a great afternoon filled with my friends and family. Above is a live video of three of my original songs. On backing vocals beside me are Matilda Martin and Amy Wiles who lend their gorgeous voices to my songs. Hear for yourself!

Mundane Mondays, Baby Girl  (featured on the EP) and Rush (Also featured on the EP) all songs written by Crystal Sky Campbell.