Crystal Sky is a songwriter based in Hobart, Tasmania.  Although she was not born in Tasmania she was adopted from Kiribati and raised in Australia.  Her music has been described as soulful, earthy, world and groovy.  Graduating from the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music in 2009 she began her music career by singing solo as well as performing in local music groups around Hobart.

She released her debut self titled EP – Crystal Sky, Two Worlds in late 2016 which she launched at The Duke, Hobart.  She performs all of her originals either as a solo performer or with two other back up vocalists that sing the harmony lines that Crystal Sky has arranged.  She often explains that harmony lines are a huge part of her songwriting process and it is what resonates with her the most as they have always come naturally to her.  As a solo performer she is captivating and often evokes raw emotions from her audiences as they can feel the honesty of all her songs that she has written or performed.

Crystal Sky has performed in Hobart cover band groups such as – Detour (Cover Band), Double Down (Cover Band), Transit (Funk, Dance Cover Band) and Manhattan (Cover Band).  She currently sings backing vocals in the Hobart band – Mama K and The Big Love which is a funk original band and is now pursuing to perform her new and original music nationally and internationally.